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Are more ads going to magazines?

Magazine advertising in much of 2007 grew far faster than in dailies. Does that say anything?
Maheshwer Peri
President & Publisher, Outlook

When magazines get more advertising than the other media, it means the market is maturing. In this age of fragmentation and enormous wastages, magazines are the only media which would deliver filtered, specific audiences in the most cost-effective way.

I see magazines only growing from here on as more specialised products make their entry felt. I think that big campaigns getting lost - or not getting noticed - despite spending a lot of money has contributed to this. The mass media has got fragmented in the last few years and ad campaigns with limited budgets which cannot afford to take all vehicles of a particular media have become wiser. I would believe that in the future with enterprise in India at its peak and in sizes small and medium, magazines would benefit the most.


Jasmin Sohrabji
Managing Director, OMD India

What goes into a communication channels’ mix is a function of effectiveness and outlay. Individually, each medium will score on its ability to influence consumers as well as on cost-effectiveness (or the ability to influence them at a competitive cost).

After that, what goes into a plan is driven also by the budget available. It is definitely not the end of the road for newspapers, but increasingly their inclusion in the media mix will reflect their absolute cost of entry in a media plan vis-ŕ-vis their effectiveness. It is as simple as ‘I may want it, but I may just not be able to afford it’. Magazines show a higher ad growth, albeit on a lower base. And if effective for a communication task, their outlay is rarely the entry barrier.

Aman Nayar
Brand Manager, Navbharat Times

What one sees in India is a temporary blimp. While magazines are growing at a faster rate,the size of newspaper advertising is more than 10 times that of magazine advertising. Globally, magazine advertising is powered by niche magazines. Newspapers abroad have relied

significantly on classifieds which have been hit due to the internet. Unlike in the west, newspapers in India are not reliant on classifieds for revenues. In display advertising, where both media compete, newspapers have a headstart. A large number of launches have happened in the magazine category. That, and not any change in advertiser preferences, has resulted in this temporary spike. In fact, the growth figures of 2006 over 2005 showed newspapers growing at 23 per cent vis a vis 12 per cent for magazines.

Sidharth Banerji
Managing Director, Kyndal India

Magazines are preferred to newspapers because of many reasons. The primary reason is the pictorial outlook of the magazines compared to newspapers. Reproduction quality of magazines is far superior to that of newspaper in terms of colour, which not only adds lustre to the image

but also makes it graphically more virtual and vivid. The quality of the paper is seamless that extends the shelf life of the images. The process of ageing as far as magazines is concerned is more static compared to that of newspapers where the ageing happens rather dynamically and the papers get dilapidated easily. Take Kyndal. It has always banked upon magazines as an essential medium for advertising its luxurious spirits, especially the iconic Absolut vodka.