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April 16-30 2007


April 16-30 2007

Is there money in them?
Dhaleta Surender Kumar

hile nobody doubts that blogs have the power to become an alternative media, the big question is whether they can bring in profits. At least two bloggers - Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration (labnol.blogspot.com) and Ankit Maheshwari of instablogs.com - have shown that blogging can be profitable. Both seem to be making good money every month.

Amit Agarwal, an IIT Kanpur graduate, left his high-paying job with an MNC in 2004 to make a living out of blogging on technology. While reports suggest that he earns in six figures a month, all Agarwal is willing to reveal is that he earns "a decent amount." The same goes for Ankit Maheshwari, CEO, Instablogs Network, who is reputed to have an annual turnover of more than a crore. ... more