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Bajaj Spirit

Bajaj Spirit

Headline: Bajaj Spirit now comes with an added attraction. "Scooter of the Year" award.

Subhead: Bajaj Spirit- Winner of "Scooter of the year" and "Best indigenous vehicle" awards - Overdrive magazine, January 2000.
Bodycopy: "But the one product that upstaged them all and made away with our vote for Scooter of the year is the perky little Bajaj Spirit, a small-sized, sleek looking commuter with a big heart. Probably the best styled machine along with superbly engineered mechanicals, the Bajaj Spirit shows what Indian ingenuity and thought can do when the time comes to strike out on its own. Highly reliable, quite frugal and with a strong performance for regular cut and thrust in Indian traffic conditions, the Bajaj Spirit presently is in a class of its own and is in fact priced very competitively compared to the competition. None of the others could quite match upto the brilliance of this small wonder." Overdrive magazine, January 2000
Baseline: Incredibly attractive.

Agency: Contract
Client: Bajaj


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